Visit Solomons

Visit Solomons

Today Solomons is one of the most popular boating destinations on the Bay. You will still find the quaint, friendly atmosphere which attracted the first settlers, as well as all the conveniences of a full service boating center.

The Calvert Marine Museum, just 100 yards from the marina, has a detailed 

history of the area and is home to the Drum Point Lighthouse and the “Wm. B. Tennison” , a 100 year old bugeye which is the oldest licensed passenger vessel on the Bay. 

With the abundance of the Bay close at hand, it is natural that the area restaurants feature seafood prominently on their menus.  Your dining choices in Solomons range from fast-food to gourmet, and our free solar powered shuttle will take you there! 

The location of the marina could not be more convenient. The Holiday Inn and The Comfort Inn are adjacent north and south, the new Medical Center adjacent to the west, and within a short walk are the Maritime Museum and the Patuxent Plaza. The Plaza contains West Marine, post office, a convenience store, fast food and more. 

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