Service Rates


Our Rates Include Sales Tax

Due to the Increase in State and Federal Environmental Regulations, a 1.5% Environmental Compliance Fee will be added to all work orders.

Travelift Services

Haul, Wash, Block & Launch for mechanical or yard work order


Haul, Wash, Block & Launch for DIY work or Dry Storage


Short Haul, Pressure Wash (no work allowed)


Survey Haul, Pressure Wash (in slings up to 1 hour)


Haul, Wash & Load on Trailer or Offload, Block & Launch


Towing within Solomons harbor, each way


Towing for Spring Cove Slipholders, each way


Running Gear/Bottom Scraping, for excessively fouled bottoms (minimum 1/4hr)


*50-Ton Marine Travelift, maximum 19′ beam

*25′ minimum for all hauling services & storage

*Haul/loading services do not include towing

*Haul rates include 1/4 hour of running gear/bottom scraping. Additional time spent on excessively fouled bottoms will be billed a minimum 1/4 hour Yard Labor.

*If Double Slinging is required (determined by the Boat Yard), add $2.50/ft to all Haul services.


Yard Services

Yard Labor


Bottom Sanding with Vacuum Sander (plus materials)


Small Crane Service (1 hour minimum, includes 2 men)


Large Crane Service (1 hour minimum, includes 3 men)


Reblock or Move Boat


Jackstand Reposition


Mechanical Services

Mechanical Labor


Paint/Glass Labor


Custom Welding/Fabrication

Time & Materials

Custom Woodwork/Fabrication

Time & Materials

Dry Storage

Monthly Dry Storage ($148.75 minimum)


Weekly Dry Storage (up to two weeks)


Daily Dry Storage (up to 3 days, except Haul & Launch day)


Off Boat Mast Storage (SCM Customers only)


Trailer Storage (SCM Customers only)


Outboard Storage (SCM Customers only)


Winter Storage Package (incl. Haul, Wash, Block, Launch, all storage Oct-Apr)