In addition to our Slip Contract and Dry Storage agreement rules and regulations, please note the following policies:


Every year Spring Cove Marina reaffirms its commitment to the Maryland Clean Marina Initiative to protect our waterways by passing an inspection which verifies that we meet the strict pollution control measures. In addition, we have reduced our carbon footprint by, among other things, insulating our buildings, using fluorescent or LED bulbs, and installing low-water toilets. Please help us to preserve the Chesapeake Bay by being a Clean Boater (Please see our “Helpful Tips” section).


The Marina will determine if a boat needs to have the electric usage metered and will install the meter if necessary.  Metered customers will pay for electricity used at a rate determined by the marina.


You are required to provide the Marina a current Certificate of Insurance for your boat. Please ask your Insurance Agent to fax one to the Marina Office at 410-326-4187.


We have lockers of various sizes and prices ($84 to $240) available for annual rental. Please do not store any hazardous or flammable materials in the lockers. Dinghy storage racks are also available for $50 per year. Please check with the Office to see what is currently available. Any dinghies left on a rack without first being registered will be removed. There is also storage in the yard area for trailers or dinghies on trailers for $50 per month for Annual Slipholders. All trailers need to be registered with the Office. Larger boats on trailers can be stored on a monthly basis at our regular Dry Storage rate.


You are not restricted in the use of outside contractors to work on your boat while it is on the Marina’s property. However the Marina is a private facility and reserves the right to restrict who comes onto the property and when they may come. Only reputable companies and individuals who have all the necessary insurance coverage will be allowed on the property. For your protection, contractors are required to sign in and out each time they come onto the property and have a current copy of the Contractor Rules. Outside contractors who do not have a current Certificate of Insurance on file with the Marina Office will not be allowed on the property, so please make sure they do before scheduling any work. Also for your own boat’s protection, it is recommended that you let the Marina Office know when you have someone scheduled to work on your boat.


If, after having committed to the slip for the year by signing the contract, you find that you do not need the slip, please let the Marina know in writing and we will put your slip on the Rerental List. If we are successful in rerenting the slip prior to July 1st, we will refund any prepaid (prorated) slip rent to you, less 10% of the outstanding balance on the contract. If the slip is not rerented by July 1st, you are still responsible for the slip rent for the contract period.