Winter work/maintenance form

Our Winter Work form is designed to help you open the door to maintaining your boat in a way you might not have previously thought. The form is intended to start the conversation with us about projects on your boat. It is not a “sign-up” sheet to automatically have the selected work completed – anyone who submits a Winter Work form will receive a phone call from the Boat Yard to discuss the selected work and your options. We intend this form to serve as a tool to help us work together to inspect your boat and devise a regular maintenance schedule. Take advantage of the off season and address critical systems on your boat. It is the perfect time to perform major maintenance, upgrade systems and address nagging issues.

Please check next to each item you would like to address this winter. All inspections and subsequent repairs will be billed Time & Materials at our current Labor Rate of $105/hr. Recommended Maintenance schedules are in ( ) next to each item.

Please Note: This form is not a Work Order. We will not R&R any item on this list without a signed, written work order from the customer. We intend this form to be a helpful tool in organizing a regular maintenance schedule for your boat. We will contact you prior to performing inspections. Inspections will be billed at $105/hr.